Shutdown Showcases

A Series of Video Shows to substitute our lost concerts due to Covid 19

The Covid19 Lock down inspired Chris Walls Cee Dub to record and edit a series of video shows featuring some of our favorite artists who have appeared at Royston Folk Club. From their lock down isolation they contributed unique material. The shows have something of the feel of the Old Grey Whistle Test..

A song written, sung, played by Jeremy Harmer.
At the end of a difficult 2020 many people all over the world are still in lockdown (much as they were at the nativity scene 2020 years ago).
Arranged for strings by Phil Toms, the video (made and edited by Steve Bingham) was filmed by the singing and playing participants themselves. They are: Jeremy Harmer – guitar and vocals, Steve Bingham and Kate Clow – violins, Alice Clow and Brenda Stewart – violas, Josh Lynch – cello, Stuart Clow – double bass, Angela, Aidan and Felix Bennett – singers
And with Freya Newman as the young girl

SHUTDOWN SHOWCASE – TEN – Friday 18th Dec 2020
This program features … features – Schrödinger’s Strings, Jeremy Harmer, Faradina Affifi, Sky West, Brookes Williams with Katie Spencer, Kelly and Wooley, Liz Cotton, Gary Smith, Stuart Murdoch Ali Cossor, Taylor and Bass.. The One to One Enfield ‘Sing-out Choir’ …

SHUTDOWN SHOWCASE – NINE – Friday 2nd Sept 2020
This program features … Cut the Mustard, Joshua Burnell, The Trials of Cato, Away with the Fairies, Ali Cossor, Jeremy Harmer

SHUTDOWN SHOWCASE – EIGHT – Mark Gamon Special – Friday 14th August 2020
In this program Chris Walls chats over Zoom with Mark Gamon ..,.
Mark and Chris have run Royston Folk Club together for over 8 yrs and reflect here on, the club, music, recording, being in a band, community and the trials of covid lockdown .. Mark chooses video clips from Ben Smith, Chris Fox, Black Scarr, Katie Spencer, Lizzy Hardingham and Chris chooses clips from The Trials of Cato and Thursdays Band

SHUTDOWN SHOWCASE – SEVEN – Friday 10th July 2020
This episode of the series features – Brian Harvey, Ali Cosser, Red Velvet, Jeremy Harmer & Phill Toms with The Enhanced Virtual Castle Orchestra , Carl Filby, Kaszack & Afifi and Pam Pecko Smith with Margaret Ozanne plus BONUS The “making of” One to One Enfield ‘Sing Out Choir’ Hey Jude

SHUTDOWN SHOWCASE – SIX – Friday 26th June 2020
This episode of the series features – This episode of the series features – Brooks Williams, Ali Cosser, Lloyd Crowley, Kelvin Davies, Josh Burnell & The Sue Ensemble, Shelagh McConnel, Bass & Taylor and One to One Enfield ‘Sing Out Choir’ …..

SHUTDOWN SHOWCASE – FIVE – Friday 12th June 2020
This episode of the series features – This episode of the series features – Stewart Murdoch, Brian Harvey, The Larks, Mark Gamon with Mat Kelly and a Cee Dub video, False Colours, Emma Scarr, Silver Lining and another a Cee Dub video and a grand finale by Steve Young and friends …..

SHUTDOWN SHOWCASE – FOUR – Friday 29th May 2020
This episode of the series features – a bonus extra from Dave Oxley and contributions from, Katie Spencer, Kaszak & Afifi, Oka Vanga, Skinner & Twitch, Elizabeth and Jameson, Anna Wells and Ben Smith…
AND Me Chris Walls Cee Dub

SHUTDOWN SHOWCASE – THREE – Friday 15th May 2020
This episode of the series features – Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, Carl Filby, Polly Keyton & David @ False Colours, Martyn Hewitt and me Chris Walls Cee Dub Chris Brimley, David Oxley, Victoria Jones, Chris Lord

SHUTDOWN SHOWCASE – TWO – Saturday 9th May 2020
This episode of the series features – Jeremy Harmer, Brian Harvey, Philip Rundell, Martin Lavanch, Joshua Burnell, Bryan Summers, Sheri Kershaw

SHUTDOWN SHOWCASE – ONE – Friday 8th May 2020
This episode of the series features – Lizzy Hardingham, Mark Gamon, Wickenwood, Emma Scarr, Matt Kelly and Gary Woolley, @Mandy Wood, @Chris Fox and Jeremy Harmer with the Ad Hoc Strings