Friday 8th December

Featuring …

Johnny and Emma BLACK SCARR
And floor spots from freinds including Guido Rincorn Gary Woolley, Dave Oxley, Mawson’s Folly, Ali Cossor, Bryan Summers, Bill Tarran, Brian HarveyMark Gamon and Chris Walls

xmas nibbles, songs and xmas joy and a thank you to Mark Gamon and Chris Walls for the last 10 years of bookings and promotion …

Friday 24th November

Featuring … Wickenwood

With … Thursday’s Band

With … The Big Buch Band

With … Bob Hines

Friday 10th November

Featuring … The Ben Smith & Jimmy Brewer Acoustic Band
Ben and Jimmy are bringing the acoustic band with this line up …Fabian Bonner on double bass, Stuart Pringle on drums, Sean Patrick O’Hanrahan on keyboards and accordion

With support … Vic Lennard

Friday 27th October
‘Your Song’ concert
John Reilly and Lewis Nitikman
celebrating the music and lyrics of
Elton John and Bernie Taupin

support by
Kimberly Stoker

Friday 13th October


Blue Sky Acoustic Duo
Bob and Jules

Mike Excell

Bill Tarren

Mark Gamon

Friday 29th September

Featuring … The Sheri Kershaw Band
With … Clark and Johnson
With … Linda Moylan

This was a night of three outstanding parts with three outstanding collaborations presenting their original and covers in equal part ..

Friday 8th Sepember

CONCERT Featuring …
Ken Nicol and on fiddle Wendy Ross

In Support …. DnA
Our friends Dave Oxley “n” Ali Cosser

A sublime night very enjoyable

Friday 25th August featuring …

Peter Crossley, Mawsons Folly, Brian & Alli,
Ryan Davis and Bryan Summers

Plus a song from Mawsons Folly Mark Gamon and Chris Walls

Friday 30th June

Featuring … The Four String Five

Lloyd Crowley and his Ukulele band Played for an hour of non stop hits that you could not imagine on a Uke … SO entertaining

With … Elli Walker & The Folly
Ellie’s beautiful piano and vocals, original songs and lovely covers were supported by guitar bass and drums … just beautiful

With … Gary Woolley
performing a rare but much appreciated SOLO set

Friday 9th

Featuring …
Steve Warner and
The Writing of Corran Ferry

With … Mark Gammon in support

PLUS … Stella Hensley’s Musical Amigos

Featuring Chris Newman / guitars … Art Toper / keys … Magical Myke Clifford/ sax 🎷 flute, clarinet … Malek Hyde Smith – percussion extraordinaire

Friday 26th May

Featuring … Katie Spencer

Katie was on top form giving us compositions old and new … unbeatable beautiful in every way

With… Faradena Affifi

With material from her first solo EP … outstanding

With … Chris Wright

Lovely singer and guitarist … I especially liked Chris’s version of Fire and Rain

Friday 12th May

Featuring … Tin Giants

What an amazing show this was! Carefully blended multitude of instruments – such skilful musicianship and stage craft

With … Melody Causton

It was delightful to hear Melody again back to full strength and accompanied by her “grandad”

Friday 28th April

Featuring … Charley Foskett Band …. This night was most enjoyed for the music of the VERY well connected Charley Foskett and his escapades into all things Folk and Roots Music

With …. Anna Wells

Was in tip top shape and will be back with a longer set sometime soon

With …. Vic Lennard

Who also excelled and help the night out at the sound desk

Friday 14th April

Featuring … The John Ward Trio

This was an excellent night of great songs performances and …. the Oh so talented and charismatic John Ward taking us to where the Wild West met the Wild East

And …
Steve Christopher

And …
The Elusive Third

Friday 31st March

We lost Chris Wood due to Covid

Instead with one days notice we had some of our finest Local Heroes play for us and a very good night it was too …

Matt Kelly
Rhyce Wilson
David Cammish

Jeremy Harmer

Kelvin Davis
With Gary Jones

Watch the video medley to see what the night was like >>

Friday 10th March

Featuring …
Play the music of both BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and TOM WAITS

Friday 24th February

Featuring …
Freds House

A full house of “House Mates”
Such a great band

Along with …
Chris Newman & Stella Hensley

Oh Stella and Chris what a great set … SO skilled thank you

Friday 10th February

Featuring …
That Blue Patch

Ruth and Dave were as always not just stunning with their choice of songs and talented performance .. Ruth is such a great singer … But they were as always thoroughly entertaining too

Along with …
Kelly and Woolley
Oh the Cuckoo song is SO good thank you guys a privilege as always

And …
Bill Tarran
I do love the songs you choose no one does them better

And …
Mark Gamon
With a very relaxed and enjoyable collaborative set

Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer
John Meed
Tennesee Twin

Friday 27th January

Featuring …
Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer

Vicki and Jonny were on top form with their between song banter and a mixture of soulful folk, satire, protest and comedy songs plus various self penned and traditional jigs and reels. All despite Jonny’s recent skiing accident resulting in strapped up hand and ribs.

With …
John Meed

John gave us all our favourite John Meed songs. It was thus decided taht for any chorus in any songs we would sing “Last bus to Leeds” as a default

With …
Tennesee Twin

First (and not last) appearance by these two with original songs in an Americana style. Very cool.. And a legendary Quiff

Winter Wilson
Kimberley Stoker
Keiron Farrow

Friday 13th January

Featuring …
Winter Wilson

Kip Winter and Dave Wilson gave us a great concert … relaxed and smattered with funny stories and songs from every genre …

Oh what a good night we had

With …
Kimberly Stoker

It was a real treat to see Kimberley at Royston … for me a voice like Macey Gray and the soul of Ami Winehouse …

With …
Keiron Farrow

A unique performance – what a great voice and wow great guitar …