On Friday 28th January we re-launched AGAIN after a covid restricted Christmas.
We moved to The Royal British Legion for the space to socially distance with still capacity to hold concerts for up to 100 people.. WE WERE THRILLED with the welcome.

A large stage
Social distancing at tables
Our own bar at any time

Friday 8th July

Featuring …
Pat Crilly and Greg Camburn

Along with …
Tu-Kay and Ryan
Bass & Taylor
Cut the Mustard

Friday 10th June

Featuring …
Sheri Kershaw Band

Along with …
Steve Warner
Bay Whitaker
Sarah Munro
Dave Letus

Friday 13th May

Featuring …
Linda Moylan and Ian Montague

Along with …
The String Section
Bill Tarran
Les Ray
Silver Lining

Friday 8th April

Featuring …
Jeremy Harmer and Strings

Along with …
Dave M Pierce
Vic Lennard
Kelly and Woolley
Bryan Summers

CONCERT Friday 25th March
Featured … From Hunter Muskett
Terry Hiscock and Dougie Morter
Supported by The Big Buch Band
Chris Walls Martyn Hewitt and Chris Brimley

Most unfortunately fellow Hunter Muskett members Chris George and Danny Thompson both fell with covid as did original support Sascha Osborn

Friday 11th March

Featuring …
Kazack & Afifi
Thursdays Band were unavailable due to 2 band members contracting covid they will play now as an opportunity arises
Farah and Martin were very luckily available and did a great set …

Along with …

Ali Cossor
Tom Penn
Steve Christopher
David Wilson

CONCERT Friday 25th February

Featuring … Foskett

Freds House were unavailable due to 3 band members contracting covid they will play now Friday 24th Feb 2023
Charly Foskett and friends were good enough to play and save the night and very good they were too…

Support by Anna Wells

Friday 11th February

Featuring …
Black Scarr

Along With …
Andy Lefevre
Mike Excell
Stewart Murdoch
Mark Gamon

Friday 28th January

Featuring … Tin Giants

The Blue Patch

Support by The Blue Patch