CONCERT – Friday 28th Nov 2014. 
Claude Bourbon. Support is Louise Jordon        

SHOWCASE – Friday 14th Nov 2014.
Magpye (band)
Adrian Hall
Laura Cherry and Simon Atherley
Zoe Wren
Colin Frid
John Meed
Host Performer Mark Gamon with Nick Blishen

CONCERT – Friday 31st Oct 2014. 
The Willows and The Rosie Eade Band        

SHOWCASE – Friday 10th Oct 2014.
Andy Mathewson (from Reading, pictured)
Rob Bullock (local from Royston, keyboards)
Liz Cotton
David Wilson
Mike Chapman
3 Dollar Ticket (band from Barley – used to be the Scratch Band)
Host Performer Mark Gamon with Nick Blishen    

CONCERT – Friday 26th Sept 2014. 
Jess Morgan. Support is David Youngs.      

SHOWCASE – Friday 12th Sept 2014 
The Larks
Miranda Pender
Trevor Barham (Bloke in a Hat)
Phillip Rundall
Andy Mathewson Host Performer Chris Walls with Richard Norris  

CONCERT – Friday 29th August 2014. 
Colgarra. Support is Mark Gamon and Friends.        

SHOWCASE – Friday 8th August 2014 
Thursdays Band
Oka Vanga
Emma Scarr
Colin Frid
Brian Harvey Hosted by Martin Kaszack  

CONCERT – Friday 25th July 2014
Sheri Kershaw Band. Support is Tim Hooper.        

SHOWCASE – Friday 11th July 2014 
Robert Lane
Daria Kulesh
Tom Marty
Martin Kaszak
Steve Logan
Foxglove Trio (band)
Hosted by Mark Gamon  

CONCERT – Friday 27th June 2014.   
Gordon Giltrap. Support is Carrick        

SHOWCASE – Friday 13th June 2014 £4
NOTE: For this night we were in the garden at Chris and Lesley’s Bungalow (As The Old Bull Inn function rooms were being Pub refurbished) Featuring
John Meed Band
Rhys Wilson and Narissa
Gemma Khawaja
Phillip Rundall
Kelly and Woolly
Mike Chapman

CONCERT – Friday 30th May 2014. 
Issy and David Emeney. Support is Terry Emm. 

Megson Support is Melody Causton     

SHOWCASE – Friday 9th May 2014 
Colin Frid 
Schrodingers Strings (band slot) 
Martin Lavansch 
Bernard Hoskin 
Tom Ryder 
Bill Tarran 
Pat Crilly 

CONCERT – Friday 25th April 2014. 
Richard Digance. Support is Ramon Goose

SHOWCASE – Friday 11th April 2014 
Hannah Sanders & Ben Smith,
Simon Heath,
Chris Walls (Cee Dub),
Charlotte James,
Kelly Oliver
Miranda Pender
Mark Gamon & David

CONCERT – Friday 28th March 2014 . 
Cathryn Craig and Brian Willoughby. Support is Annie Dressner

SHOWCASE – Friday 14th March 2014 
Sky West
Bryan Causton and Penni McLaren Walker
Laura Cherry
Tom Conway
Garry Smith

CONCERT – Friday 28th Febuary 2014. 
The Dude Coopers Band. Support is Woodcut 

SHOWCASE – Friday 14th Febuary 2014 
Colin Frid
Chris Walls (Cee Dub)
Ask the Bear (Tim Hooper and Tom Marty)
Cudby and Brown
Steve Winch
The Edward Alice Band
with Mark Gamon and Nick Blishen

CONCERT – Friday 24th January 2014. 
The Jess Vincent Band. Support is Daniel Nestlerode

SHOWCASE – Friday 10th January 2014 
The Larks,
Nicky Vere Compton,
Bill Tarran,
Laura Cherry,
Lizzie J Taylor with Mark Gamon.