CONCERT – Friday December 14th 2012
New Year Concert
Mark Gamon,
The Delta Ladies,
Matt Woosey and his Band,
Beans and Biscuits what a way to finish the year

SHOWCASE – Friday December 14th 2012
Martin Kaszac,
Garry Smith,
Tom Conway
Jess Morgan …

CONCERT – Friday November 30th 2012
Hickman & Cassidy Support is Brian Jeffels Ban

SHOWCASE – Friday November 9th 2012
Godfrey Williams & Liz,
Geoff Osborne and Ryan Davies.
Andrew Smith
Luke Silver

CONCERT – Friday October 26th 2012
Wendy Arrowsmith Support is Martin Kaszak

SHOWCASE – Friday October 12th 2012
Andrew Smith,
John Meed,
Mark Gammon,
Martin Kaszak,
Apache John …

CONCERT – Thursday Sept 27th 2012
Sheri Kershaw Band Support is Floyd Hartwell Hines

SHOWCASE – Friday Sept 14th 2012

CONCERT – Friday August 31st 2012
Ben Smith’s Acoustic Band Support is Tony Buch ...

OPEN MIC – Friday August 11th 2012

CONCERT – Friday July 27th 2012
Edwina Hayes Support is Matt Woosey

OPEN MIC – Friday July13th 2012
Oooops no record

CONCERT – Friday June 29th 2012
Gigspanner Support is Kirsty Bromley

OPEN MIC – Friday June9th 2012
Oooops no record

CONCERT – Friday May 25th 2012
Ewan McLennan Support is Two Coats Colder

OPEN MIC – Friday May 12th 2012
Oooops no record

CONCERT – Friday April 27th 2012
Dave Swarbrick Support is Mark Gamon & Ben Smith

OPEN MIC – Friday April 14th 2012
Oooops no record

CONCERT – Friday March 30th 2012
Coup de Grass Support is Jack Blackman